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What we ran:

Con1: Climate Cooperation

Con2: Middle East

1W - 2L on NEG

Frontlines are very very important on this topic. There will most likely be a lot of clash on everything, so you need to formulate your responses beforehand. Strengthen your arguments before anything else.

Grow your general knowledge before debating because that can help you win a lot of important arguments. Apply logical pressure to your opponents arguments.

Debating NEG like a 2 worlds argument will probably be a good idea. Basically through that you can provide solvency


Military spending results in debt

Military spending isn't good for the economy

Military spending should go to other programs

1: Other programs support quality of life

2: Other programs support the economy


GPC inc. Chinese overreach

GPC causes Taiwan conflicts

GPC hurts China's Econ

GPC causes China to pull REMs


GPC caused Russ-Ukra. conflict

(other arguments may involve Russia, but most are centered around China instead)


GPC causes emissions

GPC hurts climate cooperation


Cooperation solves pandemic

Cooperation results in more vaccines

Cold War/WW3:

GPC causes a cold war

GPC caused the cold war

GPC will cause a WW3

Middle East:

GPC caused America to go into the Middle East

GPC is causing the US to leave West Asia and move towards East Asia

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